Princess Cays

Sunny Days in Princess Cays

Princess Cays is one of the most family-friendly ports I’ve ever visited and has all the makings to be the best beach day of your entire trip.  When you combine the island’s enchanting, raw beauty with an entire play area just for little ones and other thoughtful family-centered amenities, you’ll never want to leave this gorgeous paradise!   

A little social studies lesson before I get to the good stuff (I know, barf):  Princess Cays technically isn’t a village or a town; it’s the name of the tourist resort at the southern tip of the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas (pronounced E-loo-thrah).  Eleuthera is one of the southeastern-most islands of The Bahamas archipelago and is about 100 miles northwest of San Salvador, a small island in The Bahamas where Christopher Columbus very first landed with his three ships in 1492.  The goof actually never even set foot in North America. Anyways, today about 11,000 residents call Eleuthera home.

Princess Cays is a tender port (for more info on what this means, see my Tender Port vs. Docked Port page).  The shuttle ride to the island is an enjoyable 5-7 minutes and gives you a gorgeous view of the turquoise ocean and island shoreline.

Unlike some of the other larger Caribbean ports, Princess Cays is strictly a cruise destination and only one ship stops here at a time, so no other visitors or tourists will be here except for the passengers on your ship.  This is definitely a breath of fresh air after dropping anchor in some of the more hustling, bustling cities.

Although you won’t be able to get back and forth between the ship and island as leisurely as a docked port, you won’t really need to – Princess Cays is a one stop shop, a true all inclusive where you and your family can have an amazing time without any extra costs or add-ons.  Everything you need to happily sustain yourself for the day is within a short walking distance until you’re ready to head back to the ship for good.

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant about Princess Cays at first, simply because I’d never heard of it before.  Initially I was much more excited about the more popular ports on the itinerary but ended up with the unexpected surprise of finding a total hidden gem.  Even at a commercial resort, in Princess Cays you feel like you’re shipwrecked on an exotic, uninhabited island that’s somehow managed to preserve itself from human habitation.  And the best part is there is TONS of stuff for you and your kids of all ages to do. Well done, Princess Cays, well done!

About this tender port: there was a mad rush of people waiting in line to tender back to the ship around 2:30/3pm.  

If you have littles, I would plan on tendering back before then, or waiting until the last possible minute (which is what we did and still waited in line for about 20 minutes).  A large portion of the waiting area is shaded from the sun but with no places to sit, it’s standing room only.