Columbus, Indiana

There’s Definitely More Than Corn in Columbus, Indiana

When you hear “Columbus” the first place you think of usually ISN’T the one in Indiana.  It’s okay.  Don’t be fooled though, this sweet little city offers you and your kiddos plenty of versatile, hands-on opportunities for endless entertainment!

Columbus is home to one of my favorite children’s museums, the Kidscommons Columbus Community Children’s Museum.  This entire museum is basically one huge hands-on exhibit where your kids can run amok and touch all of the things without inhibition.  Right across the street is The Commons, home to a small food court and a-mazing indoor playground and floor to ceiling Luckey Climber. That right there is enough to wear out your littles for the rest of the day.  

Want to spend more time outdoors instead?  Columbus is a nature lovers’ delight. In addition to numerous parks sprinkled around the city, Columbus is home to the 345-acre Cera Park, an all-things-outdoors-one-stop-shop paradise with everything from fishing and boat rentals to go-karts and skeet shooting ranges.  Just north of the downtown area you’ll find Freedom Park, an awesome playground created by other mamas with climbing webs and equipment that’s almost all accessible by wheelchair.

One of my favorite things about Columbus, especially the downtown area, is how most family-friendly attractions are all within walking distance of each other and also within walking distance to dining options and the lifeline we like to call ICE CREAM.  The museum is right across the street from the indoor playground, and both of these are surrounded by dining options all within steps of each other. One dining option you can’t miss, and yes I consider ice cream to be “dining”, is Zaharakos. This authentic old-fashioned ice cream parlor opened in 1900 and serves the best homemade ice cream and waffle cones around!   

Whether you want to do something or nothing at all, Columbus will delight you and your kiddos with its mix of family-friendly attractions and relaxing parks and outdoor experiences.  A scrumptious ice cream float or double scoop dreamsicle cone would be the cherry on top of an already memorable experience for you and your family!

Unless you’re camping and/or staying at Cera Park, I’d say a visit to Columbus is best kept as a day trip or a weekend at most.  

Although there are some pretty neat family experiences in Columbus, I’m not sure it would be enough to sustain a week-long adventure.