Indianapolis, Indiana

Naptown No More

I hope by now that Indianapolis has shed its “Naptown” reputation.  And if it hasn’t yet, it needs to happen real soon.

The origination of the “Naptown” nickname is in dispute, but no matter where it came from it certainly wasn’t meant to have a positive connotation.  Used by out of towners and bigger markets as an insult to a sleepy, boring town, Indy may have been just that back in the day. But times have changed.  Anybody that calls Indy “Naptown” obviously hasn’t been there.

Ranked the 14th largest city in the USA by population and the 16th largest by area, Indy has worked tirelessly over the past twenty years to become a hub of cultural diversity, historical revitalization, flourishing nightlife, and outdoor recreation.  Indy had to work hard to up its game in order to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive economy and business climate. And…it worked. Salesforce welcomed 800+ new jobs to the city in 2017 and now proudly displays its name on the tallest tower in Indy’s skyline.  In 2018 Indy was also a Top 20 finalist to host Amazon’s second national headquarters – no small feat for a city once called “IndiaNOPLACE.”

Indy truly has so much to offer, no matter what you’re looking for.  As much as I’d love to go on about the breweries, comedy clubs, bars, theaters, festivals, wineries, pubs on wheels, escape rooms, and virtually any other type of adult entertainment known to man, for our purposes I’ll keep this family oriented.

Outdoor time?  Look no further.  Indy is home to 192 community and neighborhood parks and aquatic centers (click here), not counting four state parks.  Eagle Creek Park (click here) is technically a regional park but is the largest park in Indianapolis and one of the largest municipal parks in the country.  The downtown Indy Canal Walk (click here) is the perfect spot for an outdoor promenade or pedal boat rental through the heart of the city.  Campuses like Newfields and 100 Acres park (click here)  are more recent developments to Indy’s green space, and let’s not forget about one of our favorite things to do outdoors, the Indianapolis Zoo (click here) located in White River State Park.  From kayaking and hiking to sightseeing, relaxing, and everything else in between, Indy is a dream for nature enthusiasts and families looking for some fresh air.  

Want to stay inside?  Indy’s still got you covered, maybe a pun intended.  Where do I even begin? Interactive museums, music classes, puppet shows, community centers, indoor playgrounds, 3-D movies, zip-lining, glow in the dark mini golf, arcades, trampoline parks…Indy has it all.  Indy is also home to The Children’s Museum (click here),  one of the largest and most highly rated children’s museums in all of the world, which recently added a massive outdoor sports legend experience.  It’s wicked awesome.

That’s just the tip of Indy’s iceberg, and I didn’t even mention any of Indy’s quickly expanding and bustling suburbs: Carmel.  Fishers. Westfield. Greenfield. Greenwood. Avon. Plainfield. Brownsburg. Zionsville. Just as impressive as the city itself is all of Indy’s surrounding sister cities.  Indy is easily accessible at the junction of four major interstates, earning itself the “Crossroads of America” moniker. Now that’s a better nickname!

If you can’t tell by now, I’m admittedly biased towards Indianapolis and am unashamed of being so.  I call this city my home, and I have since the day I was born. My family is here, my life is here, and I proudly raise my daughter here.  As much as I love traveling the world, I love having Indy as my home base just as much.

Come visit us.  I promise you won’t regret it.