For My Daughter Who Can Do Hard Things

For My Daughter Who Can Do Hard Things

For My Daughter Who Can Do Hard Things

When I look at you I’m reminded of everything pure and perfect in this world.

I marvel at your beautiful, flawless face and your wild curly hair, with a spirit and heart on the inside just as beautiful and wild.  Your heart, oh your little heart. It’s still so whole and protected and pure. Your big, brown eyes have always been a window into your soul and one of my favorite things in the world is to watch them sparkle.  With joy, mischief, inquisition, kindness, laughter, adventure, promise…and even at three years old, with dreams.

My heart breaks knowing the world will get to you someday.

The world is slowly getting better but it’s funny with little girls and it will probably be funny with you too.  The world will tell you to dream, to reach for the stars, to never give up, to become anybody you want to be, an astronaut, a doctor, the President.  Maybe you’ll dream of traveling the world to see different places, of owning your own business, or of writing a book, of becoming a mommy or a teacher or a pilot.  The sky will be the limit when you’re small.

Then, you’ll get bigger.  

And somewhere along the line that same funny world that told you it’s okay to dream and dream big when you’re little will tell you now that you’re older, you need to quit daydreaming and grow up and settle down.  The world will try to quiet you. The world will try to sell you on the idea that you must choose because you “just can’t have it all”, and that this is just how it IS for women.

I want you to know that the world is wrong, wrong about it all, wrong about growing up and wrong about you.  

There are many, many roads to happiness.  All are bumpy. All are hard. Maybe you won’t like any of the roads in front of you and will forge your own path entirely, that’s okay too.  Finding your OWN way in this life can be confusing and hard, but in finding your own way you’ll find your own place. THIS is where real happiness comes from my love, and nowhere else, no matter what the world whispers to you.

Your path may not be easy but many strong, bold, brave people have gone before you to help calm some of the world’s rough waters.  I can’t walk this walk for you, nor would I be doing my job as a mama if I did, but I can promise I’ll be the first one holding a lantern to light your way.

Never lose that dreamy sparkle in your eyes and remember, your worth as a person and as a woman is measured by the life in your years and not by the script you follow.  Your mama is here to tell you the same thing the world tells everyone else, that your road will be full of choices and decisions but you can be whatever and whoever you want to be, that you’ll have to work hard but you can GET IT DONE   because you can do hard things.  

If anyone tries to box you in and water down your dreams and tell you that you “just can’t have it all”…tell them to watch and learn.