How to Spring Spring

How to Spring Spring

How to Spring Spring

Spring has sprung, my friends!

I love this time of year.  The flowers, the thunderstorms, the cool breeze, the weather.

I am NOT a summer person.  At all.  I crank up the AC as soon as the temperature hits 70 outside.  Heat makes me cranky, sleepless, sweaty, and resentful towards the time and energy I have to put into shaving my legs.  For four months out of the year I don’t belong in Indiana, where the humidity of the agonizing Midwestern summers are enough to drive anyone to the North Pole.

The beauty of spring and autumn are enough to keep me here, though, and they make June through September a little more somewhat-kind-of tolerable for me.  

Needless to say, I revel in the beautiful gift of spring, and here are some ways you can do that too.

Wipe everything down with Clorox wipes.  Or Thieves or Lysol or whatever else you want to use.  Even if you did it yesterday, you know it’s dirty again and if it’s not dirty again, wipe it down anyways.  The clean smell alone will remind you that sick season is over (for the most part) and that the kids can finally venture outside without spending twenty minutes to layer up first.  Hallelujah!

Kondo your heart out.  The KonMari method, created by organizing consultant Marie Kondo, is a system of simplifying and organizing your home (and life) by getting rid of physical items that don’t bring you joy.  Instead of focusing on what doesn’t fit, what you can’t stand, or what you think you might use or wear someday, invite more positivity into your life by focusing on what brings you joy instead.  Pick it up, touch it, and if it brings you joy, keep it.  It’s that simple, and I love it. I felt so renewed and energized after removing the weight of the physical stuff from my home, especially the stuff that wasn’t making me happy.  Kondo takes spring cleaning to a whole new level!

Relax in the lounge.  And I don’t mean the 21-and-over kind.  I’m talking about the one in your yard, your very own private oasis of comfort and luxury: a baby pool.  That’s right.  Pick up a $10 inflatable baby pool and instead of filling it with water, fill it with old blankets and pillows.  Make yourself comfortable with the littles, read books, look at the clouds, and wonder where all of the airplanes waaaay up there are going.  Your options are endless, and are endless without the summer bug season terrorizing y’alls chill time in the lounge.

Do any yardwork or landscaping NOW.  Before it’s 500 degrees outside.  Before the mosquitoes are out for blood.  Before it’s so hot and humid outside that paint won’t even dry.  Have someone take the children.  Or take a day off work.  I learned this the hard way.  It doesn’t matter if there’s more daylight in the summer and the nights last longer.  It’s a trick.  DO IT NOW.

Get family pictures taken NOW.  I also learned this the hard way.  If there’s anything more stressful than getting yourself and everyone else ready for family pictures, it’s sweating your arse off in front of the camera and hoping the pit stains and moisture on your upper lip can be photo-shopped out.  And if there’s anything more stressful than all of THAT…it’s wrangling a toddler who’s melting down right underneath the blazing sun.  And in your beautiful family pictures.

Pay attention to your toes.  They’ve likely been hibernating all winter.  Flip-flop weather is upon us and we need to be prepared.  Give those piggies a little extra TLC and if they’re beyond repair, splurge on the $25 to have a professional tackle the job.  You deserve it.

Stay away from geese.  I’m not even joking.  Here in Indy it was just in the news that two people were attacked AND injured (though mildly) in a Walmart parking lot.  Geese lay their eggs March-May and can be exceptionally aggressive when protecting the nest.  If you see geese loitering around in one spot, standing their ground, or staring you down like they’re ready to start something, it’s best to stay away.  In all seriousness, for as much as I dislike geese, they’re still living creatures and are mama bears just like we are.  I don’t blame them for protecting their babies.  Just be respectful and careful out there in the wild, and talk to your kids about being the same, too.  Head on swivel in the parking lot!

Take some time to BREATHE.  Before your mind starts running amok with the spring cleaning to-do list or upcoming summer plans, take some time to slow down and breathe in the renewal and refreshment that this season can provide.  Literally stop and smell the flowers.  Turn off the music or the TV and listen to the rain while you fold laundry.  Buy yourself a new candle.  Enjoy the nice, cool breeze.  Spring only rolls around once a year.  Be sure to take some of it in!